It isn't White Boy Day, is it? (sothisiswar) wrote in bike_gang,
It isn't White Boy Day, is it?

Heart of a Tiger, that Marc Davis.

muzak29: should i bike to work?
RagingRabbitz: no
RagingRabbitz: you'd have to leave, like, now
RagingRabbitz: and it'll be so cold tonight
muzak29: i know
RagingRabbitz: fi you're up for it
muzak29: hahaha
muzak29: maybe i am
RagingRabbitz: then do it
RagingRabbitz: i dare you then
RagingRabbitz: i'll bet you a dolalr you wont
RagingRabbitz: dollar
muzak29: haha
muzak29: you fucked
RagingRabbitz: lol
RagingRabbitz: $2...
muzak29: i know
muzak29: i'm doing it!
muzak29: i'm off! bye bye

I only offered the money cause i knew he'd take it!
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