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live to bike
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Thursday, September 24th, 2009
12:58 am
happy birthday, bike gang!
Thursday, October 19th, 2006
8:38 am
Bike-lane conversion plan advances
One lane each way from Cape Coral to Veterans

By Don Ruane
Originally posted on October 19, 2006

A $60,000 project to convert 7.5 miles of traffic lanes to bike lanes won support from four Cape Coral City Council members Wednesday.The plan would convert a lane in each direction on portions of Surfside Boulevard, Beach and Gleason parkways. It still needs approval from the full council, but the four votes represent a majority. Councilman Mickey Rosado is sitting out this month during an investigation into whether he violated the city charter and used his official position for personal gain. The result of the project will be a bike route that runs from Cape Coral Parkway to Veterans Parkway, Mayor Eric Feichthaler said. If traffic increases, the lanes may be reclaimed, he said. "If we need capacity, road needs will take precedence over bike lanes," Feichthaler said. The plan was discussed during the council's Transportation Advisory Commission meeting. The commission, composed of the four council members, reviews transportation issues to provide guidance to the rest of the council. The lanes probably won't be needed for traffic for another 10 years, said transportation manager Steve Neff. Residents in western Cape Coral supported the changes in a survey conducted by the city's transportation division. Of 140 responses, 137 favored the project. The Sands Boulevard portion received the strongest support with 43 favorable comments.

"We want to ride in our neighborhood. Having the bike lanes there will make it a lot safer to ride in our neighborhood as well as the potential to go farther," said Herb Schneider of the Sands Area Neighborhood Improvement Association. Councilwomen Dolores Bertolini and Alex LePera said they would give reluctant support but doubted the conversion of a lane in each direction would improve safety. "I really don't like bike lanes. They give an artificial sense of security. I would prefer them to be bike paths off the street," Le-Pera said.

Bertolini said the survey sample was small and she doesn't want bicyclists to get too close to traffic. Surfside Boulevard resident Jean Morano, however, said bicyclists will have more room between them and traffic than they have now. People should ride on neighborhood streets, not major roads, said Councilman Richard Stevens. Converting traffic lanes to bicycling won't solve the safety issues, he said. The mayor said he likes the project because it fills the bike lane gaps between Cape Coral Parkway and Veterans Parkway.

Bertolini had doubts. "I'm not interested in connectivity going from one end of Cape Coral to the other," Bertolini said. LePera supported the concept. "People shouldn't have to ride around their neighborhood. They should be able to get someplace," LePera said.

These road segments might be converted from four lanes to two lanes of traffic and two bike lanes.
• Surfside Boulevard from Veterans Parkway to Gleason Parkway
• Surfside from Gleason to Beach Parkway
• Beach Parkway from Surfside to Sands Boulevard
• Sands Boulevard from Beach Parkway to Cape Coral Parkway
Friday, December 9th, 2005
9:38 am
Monday, November 21st, 2005
11:59 pm
howsabout a critical mass this friday,

since everyone's going to be in town for thanksgiving
since we are thankful for bikes and calf muscles
since OMG we love to ride bikes
since OMG we love to ride bikes together.

Meet at centennial-ish, go somewhere-ish, meet on/near-ish hoople street before the show?

pilgrims vs. indians?
turkeys vs. tofu?
Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
1:52 pm
has anyone been riding recently? marc and i rode to bennigan's in fm last night from his house. it was nice except for sprinklers at the college. i'm gonna try to ride to work everyday from the cape to fm.

Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
11:47 am
Saturday, June 19th, 2004
10:41 am
this was supposed to be for the boneshakers...
What the fuck happened to all you guys?

L-a-m-e, that's what.

A bike ride to a kickball game then back to someones house for a bbq.

Park after getting off the highway then ride to the bridgejumping place.

Over the river and through the fucking woods.

I mean come on, already.

Monday, April 19th, 2004
9:17 pm
boneshakers strike again
*not* in honor of earth day, i don't even like the earth.

Tentatively scheduled for Sunday, April 25th, around 2??

"Park or meet at Punta Rassa, so we don't have to pay the toll.", says Brandon.
If there are enough people we can use the road instead of the narrow bike lane to go over the causeway.

It's about a 10 mile ride out to Bowmans, but we can stop when the first person gets tired and just move the party to the beach, where a picnic and swimming will ensue.

Bring something (that will fit in my milk crate or a backpack) for everyone to eat.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or email me (time_for_skeletor@hotmail.com) with your number or whatever and I will make sure you get the information if anything changes.

Tell everyone.

Current Mood: resolved
Thursday, March 4th, 2004
9:15 pm
Hi I'm having a mid life crisis, would you like to meet my motocycle?
time for a day with the weekend warriors


Eat your hearts out, all of you.

Current Mood: vruumm vrrrrruuuuumm!
Monday, February 23rd, 2004
12:00 am
today we brandon and myself went riding with the critical mass, only 6 of us today.. but, it was fun, on the way to the car i totally bailed, got some really deep road rash on my knee, still hasn't stop bleeding. and if my foot doesn't stop hurting in a few days, i will suspect mild fracture, but, it's probably just bruised.

it's all good yo..

next Critical Mass, FM style, in one month (last Tuesday of every month, after FnB in the park downtown.)
Saturday, January 31st, 2004
11:11 am
measure twice, cut once.
a 14 year old girl was hit while riding her bike this foggy morning.
no clue on her condition..

though not a member of bike gang, she is still a fallen comrade.

bike safe people..
it's foggy.

fog + biking on roads with careless drivers = no good.
Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
8:13 pm
let the good times roll...
i biked to work, on the way there, got a flat tire, while most people would cuss and kick thier bikes. i did not, i calmly walked the half a mile to target, spent +$25 on stuff ($15 on a bike wrench set $4 on a adjustable wrench cause the set didn't have my size, $6 re-sealable tire) for it, and fixed it and got to work 50 minutes late..
total est. distance.. 11.31 miles

and yesterday,
myself, brandon, and lexi all rode with the critical mass after food not bombs yesterday.

we went to daddy dees and got ice cream, i got a gyro at the "land and sea" restaurant.

no people or tires were harmed in the making of this critical mass.

good times.

and i don't know if this has been said in this officially..

but we are no longer the bike gang called "bloody pedals"
we are now the bike gang whom are called "bone shakers"

after the original bikes that were made with wooden wheels.

that is all.
Sunday, January 25th, 2004
6:46 am
bike ride today was great. good job out there, guys!

from my house to big lots to sports athority to harley davidson shop to the mall (but not in the mall) to jalepenos by downtown and back home.

my bike fucked a bunch and my seat went in my ass twice. i have a pricker in my back tire and when i take it out, i will have a flat. sad panda.

Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
1:08 pm
day for a ride, ride for a day.
so walmart in cape coral, is clearancing a bunch of stuff in toys, and bikes. i got a schwinn bicycle seat for 7 dollars

they had at least one more if anyone is interested.

today i fix my tire and get a new seat.
Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
11:17 pm
maintain in the membrane
my bike got a flat from my ride yesterday.
and my seat needs to be fixed.. .. .. marc.!
4:50 pm
Heart of a Tiger, that Marc Davis.
muzak29: should i bike to work?
RagingRabbitz: no
RagingRabbitz: you'd have to leave, like, now
RagingRabbitz: and it'll be so cold tonight
muzak29: i know
RagingRabbitz: fi you're up for it
muzak29: hahaha
muzak29: maybe i am
RagingRabbitz: then do it
RagingRabbitz: i dare you then
RagingRabbitz: i'll bet you a dolalr you wont
RagingRabbitz: dollar
muzak29: haha
muzak29: you fucked
RagingRabbitz: lol
RagingRabbitz: $2...
muzak29: i know
muzak29: i'm doing it!
muzak29: i'm off! bye bye

I only offered the money cause i knew he'd take it!
8:08 am
I am bikeless, and I am shamed.

Current Mood: shamed
Monday, January 12th, 2004
4:26 pm
detour da cape
rode today.

departed local: My house (@ behind the Hancock Publix, near pine island road)

departure time: 1:58pm
took the shortcut behind publix down hancock blvd. then took my first detour on that and the corner of del prado

detour #1 local: Cape Coral Bicycles (242-BIKE -2453-.. what a tuff number)
detour time spent @5 min.
$$ bikes, nice ones, ones i can't afford.. stuff that i can't afford. i left that place with a blaze of glory, so fast. like wind. faster than even.

cruised by a kenpo karate/tai chi place off of del prado...
(be cool to learn some tai chi, you know for better biking.. cross training and what not)

on the way to the bank. this old guy saw me coming, and wanted to take a right but i was in his way, so he slowed to give me the right away, but i don't need some dude getting in my way, so i'm just chill and let him pass. he get's the picture, it'd be easier if there was an international road sign language.

destination local: Bank Of America on Viscya and delprado.

destination time/spent: @2:30/10 min.
got my money.. got two mint cookies and jetted out.

detour #2 local: A,B CD's.
detour #2 time spent: 15 min
prices there are so expensive for a used media shop, but did manage to find Armitage: Dual Matrix. (anime) with Juliet Lewis.. she's sucha great actress.

detour #3 local: Hess
detour #3 time spent: @5 min
got a gatorade, and .10 milky way.
decided to take industrial park/vicyaya route home and stop by an honorary bike gang member

detour #4 local: john schiller's place
detour #4 time: >1 min.
he was out with patrick, yet another hon. bike gang member.
on the way out saw what looked like a wood route.. but just a canopy of trees.

finish line: my house
finish time: 3:15 pm

Total Time: @1 hour and 15 minutes.

when i got home, the Big Lebowski was on Comedy CentralCollapse )

i feel inspired.
no matter what route you take
no matter how many detours you make.
the destination remains the same
and always, you will never be the same person at departure.

bike haiku:
i am the water
i will flow around the rock
rocks, do not detour .
Sunday, January 11th, 2004
6:13 am
reprezent yo shit!

maximum support. check it out, y'all
Monday, December 29th, 2003
10:04 pm
just so everyone knows- some dude's been robbing people on a bike. so, the experts at fox news are advising people to call the police if they see anyone riding a bike at night, or riding a bike aimlessly. sounds great. good times.
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