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let the good times roll...

i biked to work, on the way there, got a flat tire, while most people would cuss and kick thier bikes. i did not, i calmly walked the half a mile to target, spent +$25 on stuff ($15 on a bike wrench set $4 on a adjustable wrench cause the set didn't have my size, $6 re-sealable tire) for it, and fixed it and got to work 50 minutes late..
total est. distance.. 11.31 miles

and yesterday,
myself, brandon, and lexi all rode with the critical mass after food not bombs yesterday.

we went to daddy dees and got ice cream, i got a gyro at the "land and sea" restaurant.

no people or tires were harmed in the making of this critical mass.

good times.

and i don't know if this has been said in this officially..

but we are no longer the bike gang called "bloody pedals"
we are now the bike gang whom are called "bone shakers"

after the original bikes that were made with wooden wheels.

that is all.
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