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boneshakers strike again

*not* in honor of earth day, i don't even like the earth.

Tentatively scheduled for Sunday, April 25th, around 2??

"Park or meet at Punta Rassa, so we don't have to pay the toll.", says Brandon.
If there are enough people we can use the road instead of the narrow bike lane to go over the causeway.

It's about a 10 mile ride out to Bowmans, but we can stop when the first person gets tired and just move the party to the beach, where a picnic and swimming will ensue.

Bring something (that will fit in my milk crate or a backpack) for everyone to eat.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or email me ( with your number or whatever and I will make sure you get the information if anything changes.

Tell everyone.
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i'm working.
oh well.
dude... sounds killer.

we should all make shirts that say "i don't even like the earth".

i am so down. i just hope nothing else comes up on that day.
is this for real gonna happen?
do these five fingers make a fist?
yes, they do. unless you have four fingers.

is this a trick question?

uh. if it makes it easier, here's my cell phone, yo: 770-4880. and, you know my AIM name so we can play that game to get in touch too. i'd really like to do this, the only thing preventing it would be if we have band practice at 5pm.. might be able to start a bit later though. how long do you think the ride would take?
i honestly have no idea. but 5 would be right in the middle of it, I'd imagine.

It depends on a lot of things, including how much fun we have at the beach, how many people are there, whether or not there are streetlights on the way back, and whether or not there are people that object to riding in the dark if there are no such lights.

I will try to call you, but in case I do not, because I will be away from my internet starting saturday, you may call me, as well. 772-2970.

thank you and goodnight.

i want to go! but we have the band practice!