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live to bike

bike til death!

Xbloody pedalsX
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the xbloody pedalsx are a bike gang straight out of fort myers/cape crunk, florida. we ride fast and then we ride even harder and faster then we were a minute ago. we're not afraid to fall down and get right back up so don't fuck with this. we have bikes. bikes of all shapes and sizes.

we will scream it on high: "we're a bike gang and we're proud!"
1 speeds, 12 speeds, 15 speeds, 3 speeds, air pumps, anti-motorcycle, anti-sprinkler, back pedalling, back roads and alleys, barbeques, bike lanes, bike wear, bikes, biking, blisters, bulge, bunnyhops, cape coral, cape coral parkway, car washes, del prado, dennys, dismounting, duct-taped seats, fingerless gloves, fort myers, front and rear brakes, gas stations, goggles, hampton cruiser, hancock bridge, huffy, industrial park, inner tubes, jumping things, mgx, next, pedalling with no hands, pegs on mountain bikes, publix, rims, shocks, shorts, sidewalks, spokes, wal-mart, walgreens, water bottles